15th NAMIS Workshop KIMM


15th NAMIS workshop

“Nano/Micro Systems for Health and Safety

June 26-28, 2017

Organized by Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials (KIMM)

in Interciti hotel, Daejeon, South Korea





NAMIS is an international research network on Nano and Micro Systems founded in November 2005 which now gathers 12 partners from 10 countries and 3 continents.(more information on http://namis.iis.u-tokyo.ac.jp). Since its creation, the NAMIS network organized 14 workshops in Europe (Finland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, The Netherlands), in Asia (Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam) and in America (Canada, USA). In 2015, the 14th NAMIS workshop was successfully organized  by MESA+/University of Twente, CNRS and  CIRMM/CNRS- University of Tokyo in Eschende, The Netherlands.(More information …).



The NAMIS network is pleased to invite you to participate to the 15th NAMIS workshop, which will be held in Daejon city (South Korea) from June the 26 to June the 28, 2017.

This workshop will be jointly organized by Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials and  CNRS. It will be an opportunity  to present the latest results of research performed in KIMM and in some other Korean labs and by NAMIS partners in the field of Nano and Micro Systems with an emphasis on Nano/Micro Systems for Health and Safety.

Organizers and helpers


Dr. Eung-Sung LEE
Local chairman

Dr. Yong-Eun YOO
Chair of organizing committee

Dr. Kwanoh KIM

Dr. Doo-Sun CHOI


NAMIS network coordinator, CNRS/C2N

location and acces

The workshop will be organized in Daejon (대전), a city located in the center slightly west of South Korea, 150 km south of Seoul. The venue will be Interciti Hotel (www.interciti.co.kr) which is 10-15 min drive from Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials.

Address: Interciti hotel, 92,Eonchon Ro, Yuseong gu, Daejon

Transportation from/to Incheon airport to Daejeon

Seoul city is linked to most main airports in the world. Flight duration from Taipei Airport where Transducers conference will be held just before the NAMIS workshop (from June 22 to June 26)  is about 2h35 min.

By train:

Daejeon can be conveniently reached by  KTX (Korea Train Express) train from Incheon international Airport near Seoul or from  Seoul station. Trip duration is about 2 hours from Incheon Airport and 1 hour from Seoul station.

Online reservation for KTX will be available at http://www.letskorail.com/ebizbf/EbizBfTicketSearch.do 1 month in advance.





From Incheon international airport to Daejeon by limousine bus:

•You will arrive at 1st floor of the Incheon international airport, after passing luggage claim and customs
•Please find gate C or D and buy a Limousine bus ticket to Daejeon from a indoor or outdoor ticket box nearby
•Cross a street after you get outside and find bus stop 9C, 9D or 10C
•It will take around 3 hours to Daejeon and the bus might stop by rest area for 15 minutes usually on the way to Daejeon
•We have 4 stops in  Daejeon for Limousine and the 3rd bus stop(Government Complex(Daejeon Cheong-sa)) would be better
•Then you should take a taxi for interciti hotel or your final destination
•Here’s website for information on Incheon international airport (http://www.airport.kr/pa/en/a/index.jsp)

Transportation from Daejeon city station to interciti hotel

It is recommended to take a taxi from Daejeon station to Interciti Hotel. It takes about 30min and it usually costs less than 17000 Korea Won (~15US$, ~14€, ~1700¥). Subway is also available (About 30min including 10 min walk).
Depending on the number of participants arriving Sunday the 25th and their arrival time, a pick-up shuttle from Deajeon station might be arranged.

If you wish to take public transportation you have to go from Daejeon station to Yuseong Spa station via subway:

- Take the subway from Daejeon subway station bound for Banseok station
-It takes about 24 minutes to the Yuseong Spa station (12 stations)
-Get out from exit 7 or 8-Less than 10minutes on foot from Yuseong Spa subway station to Hotel Interciti (see map below)