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Professors for 19 laboratories and 500 collaborators (scientists, engineers, technicians, PhD students, post-docs and administrative staff)

Research fields

Micro engineering from MEMS to Robotics

Research Laboratories

NAMIS partners laboratories:
・Center of MicroNanotechnology (CMI) (Prof. P. Flückiger)
・Laboratoire de Microsystemes (LMIS1) (Prof. J. Brugger)
・Laboratoire de Microsystemes (LMIS2)(Prof. Gijs)
・Laboratoire de Microsystemes (LMIS4) (Prof. Renaud)
・Laboratoire de Systèmes Robotiques (LSRO)(Prof. H. Bleuler)
・Microsystems for Space Technologies Laboratory (LMTS) (Prof. Shea)
・Optics & Photonics Technology Laboratory (OPT) (Prof. Herzig)

Other laboratories:
・Advanced Photonics Laboratory (APL)
・Biomedical Imaging Group (LIB)
・Electronics & Signal Processing (ESPLAB)
・Integrated Actuators Laboratory (LAI)
・Laboratoire d’Optique Biomedicale (LOB)
・Laboratory of Intelligent Systems (LIS)
・Learning Algorithms & Systems Laboratory (LASA)
・Nanophotonics & Metrology Laboratory (NAM)
・Optics Laboratory (LO)
・Pattern Recognition Lab (PARLAB)
・Photovoltaics & Thin Film Laboratory (PV-LAB)
・Space Centre


・430 m2 clean rooms class 100 & 1000
・UV, laser, FIB and e-beam lithography
・Porous Si
・Si and SOI wet and dry etch, HF vapour etcher
・Wafer bonding
・Chemical-mechanical polishing, excimer laser


・Two sites: Lausanne and Neuchâtel
・National and international collaborations
・Technology and Education platform for students, researchers and industry

NAMIS members laboratories

Center of MicroNanotechnology (CMI)
Prof. Philippe FLÜCKIGER
CMi2016Part1(Pdf) CMi2016Part2(Pdf)
Laboratoire de Microsystemes (LMIS1)
Prof. Juergen BRUGGER
Laboratoire de Microsystemes (LMIS2)
Prof. Martin GIJS
PDF:Brochure-LMIS 2012
Laboratoire de Microsystemes (LMIS4)
Prof. Philippe RENAUD
PDF:Brochure-LMIS 2012
Laboratoire de systemes Robotiques (LSRO1)
Prof. Hannes BLEULER
Microsystems for Space Technologies Laboratory (LMTS)
Prof. Herbert SHEA
Optics & Photonics technology Laboratory (OPT)
Prof. Hans Peter HERZIG