Department of Microsystems Engineering University of Freiburg

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20 professors with teams totalling 280 researchers, PhD students,
technicians, and secretaries
500 bachelor, master, and diploma students of microsystems engineering

Research fields

MEMS technology and engineering from fundamental science to applications

Research topics in Micro and NanoSystems

・MEMS Materials (O. Paul)
・MEMS Applications Dev. (R. Zengerle)

・Microactuators (U. Wallrabe)
・Assembly and packaging (J. Wilde)
・Analog circuits (M. Ortmanns)
・Biomedical microsystems (T. Stieglitz)
・Chemistry and Physics of Interfaces (J. Ruhe)
・Electrical Instrumentation (L. Reindl)
・Engineering Design (P. Woias)
・Material process technology (J. Hausselt)
・Microbiotechnology (U. Egert)
・Microelectronics (Y. Manoli)
・Micro-optics (H. Zappe)
・Microphotonics (A. Rohrbach)
・Nanotechnology (M. Zacharias)
・Process technology (H. Reinecke)
・Sensors (G. Urban)
・Simulation (J. Korvink)
・Compound semiconductor devices (O. Ambacher)
・System theory (NN)


・600 m2 clean rooms for silicon MEMS
・Thin and thick film deposition & structuring
・Dry and wet silicon structuring
・Packaging technologis
・Discharge micromachining, precision milling
・Hot embossing, injection molding, etc.

Of further interest

・Fabrication and characterization tools of 20 research laboratories plus central facility
・see and websites of individual reseach groups for details
・Alli0ances with FZK and HSG-IMIT
・R&D alliance with U Kyoto and U Michigan
・Industrial customers welcome!

NAMIS members laboratories

Microsystem Materials Laboratory (MML)
Prof. Oliver PAUL
PDF:broch_lab_imtek_mml 2012
MEMS applications development
Prof. Roland ZENGERLE
Dr. Patrick RUTHER
Prof. Hans ZAPPE