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ISRC organization is composed of a steering committee, 4 subsidiary centers and 32 affiliated professors. About 10,000 talents produced from ISRC have promoted the national semiconductor technology to a higher level through joint researches and technical cooperations with industry. ISRC offers about 15 training courses each ywar, and have trained over 10,000 people in 20years.

Functions & Goals

・Common facilities for basic semiconductor reaerch for universities
・Si process education for graduate and undergarduate students
・Joint research between industry, research institutes and universities
・Venture incubation

SNU NAMIS members

・Thin film transistors and high voltage Ics Lab (Prof. Min-Koo Han)
・Microsystems & Nano Technology Lab (Prof. Kukjin Chun)
・Nano/Micro Systems & Controls Lab (Prof. Dong-Il Cho)
・Nano/Micro Systems Lab (Prof. Jung Hoon Lee)
・Nano Fusion Technology Lab (Prof. Kahp Y. Suh)
・Biophotonics & Nano Engineering Lab (Prof. Sunghoon Kwon)
・Electro-medical Fusion Engineering Lab (Prof. Jong Mo Seo)

Facilities & Main Equipments

・110,000 square foot space (18,000 sq clean room)
・CMOS, MEMS, III-V fabrication (class 100 of 10,000)
・two E-beams, 3 steppers, 3 aligners
・Ion Implanter
・Deep Si-Etcher, I, II
・Bio, RF, Characterization equipments

NAMIS members laboratories

Microsystems & Nanotechnology Lab (MINT)
Prof. Prof. Kukjin CHUN
PDF:NAMIS Brochure-MINT 2012
Nano/Micro Systems Lab
Prof. Prof. Junghoon LEE
School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
School of Medicine and Interdisciplinary program on Bioengineering
Prof. Jong-Mo SEO
Multiscale Biomedical Engineering Lab
Prof. Jeon NOO LI
Energy, environment and sustainability Lab
Ass. Prof. Sung Jae Kim
Nano/Micro Systems & Controls Lab (NML)
Prof. Dong-il “Dan” CHO
PDF:NAMIS Brochure NML 2012
Biophotonics and Nanoengineering Lab (BINEL)
Prof. Sunghoon KWON
PDF:Brochure(binel) 2012