Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials (KIMM)

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Research field

■R&D and Planning

Lead national strategic R&D and develop technologies for emerging industries Plan national strategic techonologies of machinery and materials

■Reliability and Test Evaluation

Perform reliability evaluation and authorized tests on major industries and innovative technologies associated with R&D
Develop and distribute evaluation technologies and national standars

■Technical Transfer

Provide technical transfer and assistance to industries
Provide innovative technology to small and medium-sized business

Research topics in Micro and NanoSystems

・Nano/micro machining and molding technologies
・Nano imprint processes and tools
・High precision positioning technology at nano level
・Laser and electron beam machining technologies
・Micro factory system
・Robot mechanism for ultra precision motion
・Roll-to-roll and Inkjet printing
・Smart actuator & sensor technology

KIMM Overview

・292 employees (218 researchers, 39
technical and 35 administrative staffs)
・Budget: 127M USD
- Government fund: 46M USD
- Earnings: 77M USD
- Others: 4M USD

NAMIS members laboratories

Organization for Nano-convergence Industrial Cooperation
Prof. Eung-Sung LEE
Nanomechanical Research division
Prof. Yeong-Eun YOO
Nanomechatronics Laboratory
Chang-Soo HAN
PDF:Brochure_KIMM_02_nanomecha 2012
Nanopatterning Lithography Laboratory
Dr. JaeJong LEE
PDF:Brochure_KIMM_03_Nano-mechanics 2012
Nano-Machining Laboratory
Doo-Sun CHOI
PDF:Brochure_KIMM_01_Nano 2012