NAMIS international Autumn school

Micro/nano technologies for future health, environment and sustainability

September 12th- 16th,  2016  IIS/The University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

Organized and supported  by:

Institute of Industrial Sciences/The University of Tokyo, and CNRS

Other sponsors

Core-To-Core program of JSPS

Organizers and helpers

IIS/The University of Tokyo:

School Chair: Prof. Beomjoon KIM

Program Committee: Prof. Shoji TAKEUCHI and Prof Takuji TAKAHASHI

Organization Committee;

Advisor: Prof Hideki KAWAKATSU

Chair: Prof. Beomjoon KIM

Vice Chair; Prof Shoji TAKEUCHI

Members: Ass. Prof. Masahiro NOMURA, Ass. Prof. Yukiko Tsuda MATSUNAGA, Ass. Prof. Makoto TAKAMIYA, and Ass. Prof. Tetsuya J. KOYABASHI

CNRS and CIRMM/CNRS-The University of Tokyo:

Website: Prof. Alain BOSSEBOEUF (CNRS, NAMIS network coordinator)

Registration and logistics: Mrs Noriko FUJIOKA (project specialist)


Dear NAMIS members,

Following the 9th NAMIS school held  in 2015 in Polytechnique Montreal (Canada), it is our great pleasure to invite you to the 10th NAMIS school at Institute of Industrial Science (IIS),the University of Tokyo. We look forward to meeting PhD students, Post-docs, Young researchers and lecturers of NAMIS network from all around the world.

We request to the representatives of each NAMIS partner to nominate up to four attendees per institution. If places are not completely filled, more nominations per institution will be considered.

High level lectures as well as laboratory works are being prepared.

Except transportation cost from your home country to the school location, accommodation, lunches and some of the dinners will be provided by IIS to attendees. This may be summarized as follows:

  1. Airfare+ travel expenses between the airport  and the school location will be paid by the home laboratory of the attendees.
  2. IIS will be in charge of accommodation in Olympic center from sunday September the 11th night (check-in) to Saturday, September the 17th morning (check-out).
  3. Meals (luches and some dinners) will be provided by IIS from Monday September the 12th to Friday September the 16th.
  4. IIS/The University of Tokyo will be responsible for lectures, practical works and visits.

Lecturers will be provided the same meals as participants but they will have to pay for their accommodation.

We recommend to future participants of  the 10th NAMIS  school 2016 to read carefully the following information.

Important information for all attendees

Core/school period

From Monday September the 12th to Friday September the 16th, 2016.
Accommodation provided from September the 11th in the evening (Check-in) to September the 17th morning (check-out).

A booklet containing important information such as directions and maps, information on accommodation place, school program, transportation, groups,…etc   will be provided to the attendees by email and can be downloaded here

Namis school 2016 Program

The school program overview, the list and summaries of lectures and biography of lecturesrs are gathered in the School booklet available here

NAMIS school 2016 Registration

Registration of participants to the NAMIS school 2016 must have the agreement of their institute/laboratory. Registration form must be carefully filled and sent by e-mail to Mrs Noriko Fujioka (noriko-f[a]

Registration form (.doc)(Pdf)


Most of the NAMIS school will be held in the Institute of Industrial Sciences (IIS) located in the Komaba II campus of the University of Tokyo. Wednesday day and night will be in Kawaguchi seminar House in Saitama province near Tokyo.

Address: Institute of Industrial Science,  The University of Tokyo.4-6-1 Komaba, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-8505, Japan

Komaba campus is located at the south west of Tokyo (see location map (jpg). It is open during wekdays form 8 am to 8pm. It can be conveniently reached on foot (10min walk) from Komaba Todaimae or Ikenoue stations of Inokashira Train line (starting from Shibuya Station). Eventually it can be also reached on foot from Higashi-Kitazawa (8min walk) or Yoyogi Uehara (12min walk) Stations on Odakyu Metro Line -Chiyoda Line. See access map (jpg)

Lectures will be done in the following buildings/rooms (see IIS campus map (link)

1st day (September 12) – IIS convention hall (An 2nd floor) with poster presentation
2nd day (September 13) IIS building D, room  Dw601 (6th floor)
3rd day (September 14) IIS Building D, room Dw601 (6th florr)
4th day (September 15) IIS building D, room  Dw601 (6th floor)
5th day (September 16)- Eneos Hall (see campus map)

The entrance of the General Research Experiment Building (An Block) is located at the north side. Entrances of the Research Building (B – F Block) are located along the west side.

Access information.

From Narita Airport to Tokyo

See Narita general access map (jpg)

From Haneda Airport to Tokyo

See Haneda general access map (jpg)

From Tokyo Narita Airport to Olympic center (Orisen) (accomodation place)

By Train and subway:

see (

Take Skyliner train or Narita express train to  Shinjuku  station (76min). Then take train on Odakyu line and get off at Sangubashi station (3min). Then you have to walk 7min to reach NIYE.

By  Limousine Bus:

Take Limousine bus to Shinjuku station. Then take train and walk as explained just above.

From Tokyo Haneda Airport to Olympic center (Orisen) (accomodation place)

By Train and subway:

see (

Take Monorail train to Hamatsucho station (23 min) and then the JR Yamanote line to Shinjuku Station or take keikyu train to Shinagawa station (13min) then JR Yamanote Line to Shinjuku. Then take train on Odakyu line and get off at Sangubashi station (3min). Then you have to walk 7min to reach NIYE.

By  Limousine Bus:

Take Limousine bus to Shinjuku station. Then take train as explained above.

Getting around in Tokyo

Any place in Tokyo can be conveniently reached by subway. Both English language and Japanese language maps are useful.

Tokyo subway map -English (jpg)

Tokyo sybway map-Japanese (jpg)

Subway tickets must be bought at automated machines. The cost depends on the trip length (see fare map in the station) and typically cost from 150 to 350 Yens

From Olympic Center (Orisen) to Komaba Campus :

Take train in Sangubashi stationon Odakyu line to Shinjulu station. Then take JR Yamanote line to Shibuya station [~7min) . Then transfer to Inokashira line and take a local train to Komaba-Todaimae station. entrance of Komaba campus is about 10min on foot from there.

Note for the lecturers

Lectures should be designed for attendees having very variable background and expertise in the field of Nano and Microsystems.

As in previous NAMIS schools, we expect the lecturers to provide files of their lecture slides. Slides will be preferably collected before the school for printing and distribution during the school.

After the school all lecture slides will be uploaded on a login and password protected page of the NAMIS website ( Login and password will be provided to school attendees and lecturers as well as to main contact person of all NAMIS partners. Login and password will also be provided to other NAMIS members on request (contact NAMIS network coordinator e-mail : alain.bosseboeuf[a]

Mandatory tasks for NAMIS school attendees

Before the school, all attendees (except lecturers) are requested to prepare and print a poster (A0 size 118.9 cmx84.1 cm portrait shape) on their research work as well as a  2min flash presentation. Attendees must bring their printed poster and display their poster the 1st day. For the 2 minutes presentation, please prepare 2 slides in lanscape shape with the followng size in Powerpoint: Width: 25.4 cm Height:19.05 cm and convert it in Pdf format.  These slides should include information about the attendee and a summary of its poster.

You will have to send the files of your poster and of your flash presentation befote the school. (More instructions will come later)

The attendees must bring at the NAMIS school a printed version of their poster (A0 format portrait shape).

Awards will be delivered to the best posters.

Practical information

This will be a autumns school with frienly atmosphere, so casual wear is appropriate. (Suit and ties are not requested).


On arrival in Japan, You must show a valid passmport establishing your indentity and the passport must be valid for six monthes or more. Please check as soon as possible the following web site or your local embasy/consulate to confirm whether you need a visa to enter Japan:

An official invitation letter and an accommodation booking certificate will be sent to registered students and lecturers who need them.


The currency in Japan is Yen (¥). Exchange rates can be found for example in the multilingual website

It is recommended to change your currency at the airport as only few banks around Shibuya offer currency exchange.

Accommodation during the school

Accomodation will be provided by IIS at the olymic center (Orisen in Japanese, Acronym NIYE: National Institution for Youth Education). Please stay at the Olympic centre during the core period, except for the case where sightseeing excursion will involve an overnight stay elsewhere.

Address: NIYE, 3-1 Yoyogi Kamizono-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0052 (see access above)

Accomodation is in shared rooms (2 persons/room). Shared rooms for 50 people (40 men, 10 women) have been reserved. Reception of the olympic centre will allocate you to your rooms. Please tell them that you are with “NAMIS”.

Rooms are equipped with personal bathroom/shower, a TV, towels, hair shampoo, a body soap. Shaver, toothbrushes and toothpaste are not provided, so bring your toileteries. A hair dryer (limited numbers) can be rent at the front desk. Each room has the Internet connection port (not free access). Please bring your PC and a LAN cable if you wish to use Internet.

IIS/The University of Tokyo will be in charge of the accomodation expenses for attendees  Make sure you return the keys!!. For arrival before September the 11th and/or departures after September the 17th, attendees will have to book and pay extra accommodation by themselves. In other words, NAMIS school will not cover your accommodation before September the 11th and after September the 17th

For lecturers:

Please find below a list of hotels

Close to Shibuya Station (Komaba Todaimae Station is on Inokashira Line starting from Shibuya, ~15 min trip):

Tokyo excel Shibuya (4* hotel)

Near Shinjulu train station (about 30min from Komaba campus by subway and train):

Washington Hotel (

Kadoya hotel ( small business hotel

Close to Shinsen station on Inokashira line (One stop before Komaba-todaimae station)

Tokyu stay (

Accomodation before september the 11th and after september the 17th

For arrivals before September the 11th and departures after September the 17 th, attendees will have to book and pay an hotel room or other accomodation by themselves. Some useful websites for hotel booking are provided beneath and a list of hotels in Tokyo can be found above.

Meals during the school

All lunches  and coffee breaks will be offered to attendees and lecturers. Please specify your dietary requirements on the registration form and at lunch place. Banquets and get together dinners will be offered by IIS most evenings.

Accompanying persons

Accommodation and meals of accompanying persons of attendees will not be taken in charge by organizers.

internet access during the school

Internet access will be allowed only to lecturers during lectures. Internet access will be provided to attendees during coffee breaks and at accomodation place.


School Chair : Prof.Beomjoon KIM  bjoonkim[a]

NAMIS network: Alain BOSSEBOEUF alain.bosseboeuf[a] (IEF/CNRS-Univ. Paris Sud  & CIRMM/CNRS-Univ; Tokyo)

General information:

Mrs Noriko FUJIOKA  noriko-f[a] (CIRMM/CNRS-Univ; Tokyo)

Travel assistance

For more information on transportation or hotels please contact noriko.fujioka{a]

Travel and sightseeing in  Tokyo

Tourist information (

Narita International Airport ( )

TokyoMetro map (

Hotels in city center and near Campus

See above recommended hotels.otherwise consult: or


Voltage: 110 V, Plug: Japan specific like. Bring a plug adapter if necessary.

Useful links

IIS/The university of Tokyo:

Note: Information on the 10th NAMIS school in IIS/The university of Tokyo will be updated when new information will be available, please consult regularly this page.